Students travel with Professor Seto to China, India

March 8, 2013

Undergraduates enrolled in Professor Karen Seto and PhD candidate Angel Hsu’s “Environment and Urbanization in China and India” seminar departed on Friday, March 8 to conduct fieldwork in the Guangdong Province, China and the National Capital Region of Delhi, India, two of the fastest-growing urban regions in the world. In both regions their will meet with municipal officials, planners, and local stakeholders, and visit sites that span the breadth of urban change in each locale. The students come from a wide variety of disciplinary backgrounds in sciences and social sciences, and their projects range from changing patterns of meat consumption to urban impacts on water provision systems. The fieldwork is sponsored by the the Yale President’s Office and the Yale College Dean’s Office.

Follow their travel and work on the students’ blog, Twitter, and Instagram feeds.