Recent Publications

  • Monitoring shifting cultivation in Laos with Landsat time series
    Shijuan Chen; Pontus Olofsson; Thatheva Saphangthong; Curtis E. Woodcock
    Remote Sensing of Environment 288: 113507, 2023
  • A framework for large-scale mapping of human settlement extent from Sentinel-2 images via fully convolutional neural networks
    Chunping Qiu; Michael Schmitt; Christian Geiß; Tzu-Hsin Karen Chen; Xiao Xiang Zhu
  • Distinguishing the windthrow and hydrogeological effects of typhoon impact on agricultural lands: an integrative OBIA and PPGIS approach
    Tzu-Hsin Karen Chen; Kuan-Hui Elaine Lin
  • Are night-time lights a good proxy of economic activity in rural areas in middle and low-income countries? Examining the empirical evidence from Colombia
    Xaquín S. Pérez-Sindín; Tzu-Hsin Karen Chen; Alexander V. Prishchepov
  • Revisiting the role of rainfall variability and its interactive effects with the built environment in urban dengue outbreaks
    Tzu-Hsin Karen Chen; Vivian YiJu Chen; Tzai-Hung Wen
    Applied Geography 101: 14 - 22, 2018
  • Residential environments across Denmark have become both denser and greener over 20 yearsAbstract
    Karl Samuelsson; Tzu-Hsin Karen Chen; Sussie Antonsen; Anders Brandt; Clive Sabel; Stephan Barthel
    Environmental Research Letters 16(1): 014022, 2021