Recent Publications

  • Global spread of local cyclone damages through urban trade networks
    Chris Shughrue; BT Werner; Karen C. Seto
  • A systematic review and assessment of algorithms to detect, characterize, and monitor urban land change
    Meredith Reba; Karen C. Seto
    Remote Sensing of Environment 242: 111739, 2020
  • Trends in urban land expansion, density, and land transitions from 1970 to 2010: a global synthesis
    Burak Güneralp; Meredith Reba; Billy U. Hales; Elizabeth A. Wentz; Karen C. Seto
    Environmental Research Letters 15(4): 044015, 2020
  • Urbanization, processed foods, and eating out in India
    Bren d’Amour; Bhartendu Pandey; Meredith Reba; S. Ahmad; F. Creutzig; K.C. Seto
    Global Food Security 25: 100361, 2020
  • Building up or spreading out? Typologies of urban growth across 478 cities of 1 million+
    Richa Mahtta; Anjali Mahendra; Karen C. Seto
    Environmental Research Letters 14(12): 124077, 2019
  • Research gaps in knowledge of the impact of urban growth on biodiversity
    Robert I. McDonald; Andressa V. Mansur; Fernando Ascensão; M’lisa Colbert; Katie Crossman; Thomas Elmqvist; Andrew Gonzalez; Burak Güneralp; Dagmar Haase; Maike Hamann; Oliver Hillel; Kangning Huang; Belinda Kahnt; David Maddox; Andrea Pacheco; Henrique M. Pereira; Karen C. Seto; Rohan Simkin; Brenna Walsh; Alexandra S. Werner; Carly Ziter