Karen Seto's picture Karen Seto
Frederick C. Hixon Professor of Geography and Urbanization Science
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Postdocs & Visitors
M Anees's picture M Anees
Postdoctoral Associate
Research Interests: Nightlights; urbanization in developing countries; spatial pattern analysis; urban vulnerability assessment; green infrastructure planning; urban ecology
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Karen Chen's picture Karen Chen
Donnelley Postdoctoral Associate
Research Interests: the built environment, human well-being, urbanization, environmental health, mental health, GIS, remote sensing, machine learning
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Jeffrey Blay's picture Jeffrey Blay
MESc Student
Research Interests: Urbanization dynamics, Sustainable and Resilient Cities, Remote Sensing Technology
Carlos Carrillo-Gallegos's picture Carlos Carrillo-Gallegos
Student Assistant
Research Interests: Urbanization and environmental change, land-use change, atmospheres and urban climates
Pushyami Chilakapati's picture Pushyami Chilakapati
Student Assistant
Research Interests: Development Economics, Climate Change, Political Economy
Ben Christensen's picture Ben Christensen
Student Assistant
Research Interests: Computer vision, remote sensing
Jackie Dong's picture Jackie Dong
Elisa Loy's picture Elisa Loy
Student Assistant
Research Interests: Connected cities, public transportation, sustainable development
Richa Mahtta's picture Richa Mahtta
PhD Student
Meredith Reba's picture Meredith Reba
PhD Student
Research Interests: Urban land change; GIS; satellite remote sensing; global environmental change; urbanization & agriculture/food systems; role of fieldwork in Earth observation; science communication & education
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Jack Rusk's picture Jack Rusk
YSE/YSOA Student
Research Interests: Natural hazards, low-carbon design
Rohan Simkin's picture Rohan Simkin
PhD Student
Research Interests: Biodiversity; habitat loss; threatened species; urban land-use change; human health
Tyler Stotland's picture Tyler Stotland
Master of Environmental Science Student
Shelby Warrington's picture Shelby Warrington
Student Assistant
Research Interests: Urban resilience, sustainable development, remote sensing and GIS
Andrew West's picture Andrew West
Student Assistant
Research Interests: GIS, sustainable development, data visualization and analysis