Welcoming summer interns

June 5, 2014

The Seto Lab regularly hosts students to take on independent projects and support lab research. This summer Annie Hayner and Ellie Killiam are joining our group at 380 Edwards Street. Both are rising seniors working on urbanization research projects and will be working with us through most of the summer. High school, undergraduate, and graduate students interested in positions with our group can look at our Research Opportunities page for more information about working with us.

Annie Hayner

Annie is a rising senior at Williams College, where she is majoring in environmental science. She received a grant through Williams’ Center for Environmental Studies to conduct research at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies for the summer. Her work focuses on developing three-dimensional models of urban structure for cities in the United States, China, and India to analyze the relationship between urban form and emissions.

Ellie Killiam

Ellie is a rising senior at Yale College majoring in Environmental Engineering and is soon to be a Davenport College freshman counselor She has recently developed an interest in sustainable design and urban development, and helped plan last April’s Yale Climate and Energy Institute conference. This summer she will be processing images of cities around the world to create an exhibition highlighting urban morphology and change around the world.