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Karen C. Seto
July 31, 2018
Paving the way to an urban future The scale of growth in cities challenges scientists and policy-makers.
Kangning Huang
May 18, 2017
Project Title: Modeling the Water Requirement for Urban Heat Island Mitigation with Multi- Sensor and Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing Data
October 24, 2016
New grant funded by NASA: Urban growth, land-use change, and growing vulnerability in the Greater Himalaya mountain range across India, Nepal, and Bhutan
May 19, 2016
Urban Transitions Global Summit 2016: Towards a better urban future in an interconnected age. For conference details please visit:
February 5, 2015
Eleanor Stokes and Miguel Román discuss how nighttime light imagery can help us understand urban light pollution, energy use, and energy access on NPR.  
October 2, 2014
Check out what Karen Seto said about today’s most pressing conservation priority during her latest interview with the Nature Conservancy